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As implicit from the name, Deer Hunter is a shooting game developed by Glu Mobile for mobile application such as Android, iPhone, iPad, iOS devices and iPod Touch. It is a hunting simulation game in which the player acts as the hunter with a shotgun. The player will earn more gold, cash and obtain better equipment like infrared vision or upgrade his weapons and hunt successfully during the game. You can do this also with Deer Hunter 2014 cheats.

Deer Hunter cheatsIf you like playing hunting games, then you should try Deer Hunter 2014. The first thing that you should do in order to play this game is to install the game in your application. Installing the game is not difficult. When you have installed the game in your mobile application, you have to confirm the screen for push notifications.

A handful of hunts are made available to enable you master the basic controls and nitty-gritty of the game. Once you are done with this stage, you can start playing the game fully. You will be able at this stage to choose your hunts on the map.

There are two important buttons in the main screen, namely, the options and play buttons. You can deal with game center stuff and toggle the music and notifications using the option button. On pressing the play button details about your game will show. Some of the details that will display include your current level, cash and gold, energy reserves, weapon stats, equipped weapons (primary and secondary) buttons for Swap Out, entering the weapon shop, moving the next screen and upgrading weapons.

Various hunts

There are several types of hunts in this game and each of these hunts has its own challenges. Some of the types of hunts include:

  • contract hunt involves targeting particular prey within a specified time
  • trophy hunt which is hunting of rare animal with a unique type of weapon equipments
  • hunting series which is a traditional type of hunting for common animal

Before you start any type of hunting, your target will be made known to you. Just press the begin button and you will start playing the game.

The arrow buttons which are used to move around a small portion of the environment horizontally are located at the left and right sides of the screen. You will need the arrow buttons if your target is positioned behind a tree.

There are various buttons available in the game used for operations. Some of the other buttons include:

  • target button
  • fire buttons
  • reload buttons

In order to make it easy for hunters to identify their prey and not to mistake them with other animals, the name of the animal in the crosshairs is normally shown at the screen’s right side.

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There are a number of options through which you can earn more gold without spending any credit or cash. You can earn bonuses which you can use to buy weapons by watching advertisement videos and completing tapjoy offers. You’ll find more Deer Hunter 2014 cheat codes at the top of this post.

Each of the regions has two rifles that can be used to fulfill objectives. There are 6 rifles used in the game with each region having two guns. So, it is left for you to plan ahead and obtain the gun for a region before entering the region.